Terms and conditions

I acknowledge and agree to the following

  • I am responsible for my own success
  • There are only 2 ways to fail, not starting and quitting
  • I am responsible for the payment for any software or tools I require
  • The weekly Group Mastermind is a Commitment and my success requires attendance and contribution
  • Clive is a guide not a Guru but he will do everything to help me get my results
  • I know my product/service and ideal client better than Clive so he is not responsible for any lack of interest in my product or service
  • This does not include a paid advertising campaign, rather all the content I will need to take that step
  • Life gets in the way and calls are subject to change but as best as possible they will be held as agreed
  • There is no time limit and as such this is a "Thing" not a "Program" or "Course"
  • I will perform the tasks as they are sequentially given
  • All payments are final and non refundable