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  • Clive Girdham

    ““Clive has a sharp business mind that helped put my goals back into perspective. I was back on track in my business in weeks, seek an expert like Clive you will not regret it.””

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    Creator and CEO of Tyrepower

  • Clive Girdham

    ““I totally recommend Clive as a coach. He’s very easy to talk with and open up to. I left our meeting with a happy head full of ideas and inspiration. I will definitely keep seeing him.””

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    Singer and Entrepreneur

  • Clive Girdham

    ““I can’t thank Clive enough for all he has done for me. If you find yourself in a similar situation to that which I was in, don’t hesitate for one moment to contact Clive.””

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    Owner Hypnotherapy In Brisbane

  • Clive Girdham

    ““Thank you Clive for your help and support to re-structure and develop my business, by considering carefully where I want to go with it and removing those mental blockages that held me back from being all that I can be."”

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    Creator of OldPain2Go

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